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Client-Centered Focus

We offer client-centric solutions that are steadfast, sensible, and prudent. We guide our clients and help them through the Financial Planning Process, so they can be as ready as possible for market swings and life events. We believe each of our clients are unique, and their Financial Plan is tailored specifically to meet our client’s unique circumstances and needs.


At BWM, we act under a Fiduciary Oath. As a Fiduciary, we only seek to act in the best interest of our clients. We will disclose conflicts of interest if they arise.


There are no hidden fees. At Branning Wealth, we fully disclose all costs our clients pay, which can include transaction costs charged by the custodian, fees to the advisor, and fund level costs.


As an Independent Firm, we are not tied to any one company or investment. Our goal is to find our clients the best investment for the lowest cost that fits within their unique plan.