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In life nothing is certain but uncertainty. When there is extreme market volatility, it is not the time to panic and make rash decisions. If you already have a solid financial plan in place, it should have been stress-tested against large swings in market value. If you don't have a plan in place yet, we advise taking advantage of the temporary Financial Check Up offering we have created in response to the recent market uncertainty. 

Let us give you a quick financial check-up to see where you stand. We will discuss your personal goals, resources and liabilities and collaborate to create a quick online assessment of your current status and some ways to potentially improve your success. After the meeting we will send you a recap of the items discussed and any action items we think might be beneficial. 

Concern during these times is valid, but remember you have not lost money until you sell! If you are investing for the long term this may be a momentary blip on a long horizon. Let us give a quick review of your investments and risk exposure. 

Step One:

 Click on the link below to schedule your online meeting.

Step Two:

Once scheduled, we will send you a list of items to have prepared prior to our discussion as well as an agreement outlining our services and link to pay. Your full $250 payment must be received prior to the call. Once the agreement is in place and payment received, you will receive an invitation to an online zoom meeting for the time you selected. 

Step Three:

Meet with your planner. We will discuss your personal situation, concerns and items you can take action on immediately.

Step Four:

We will send a recap of our discussion.