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Q: Are you a fiduciary?

A: Yes. Everyone on our team abides by the fiduciary standard - we take it seriously!

Q: What can I expect if we work together?

A: Working together is a hands-on process for our team and you. First, we ask that you fill out a brief introductory questionnaire. Then, upon reviewing your responses, we set up an introduction call to see if we’re a fit. After that, we get started! Our team will work to gather your financial documents and information, assess your goals, and develop a strategic plan. From there, we help implement cash flow planning and investment management. We adjust your plan as your goals change and grow.

Q: Do you focus on financial planning and investment management?

A: We believe in comprehensive planning - which means we focus on both financial planning and investment management. For more information, check out our Services page.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: We have a range of fees based on our services. You can read more about our transparent, fee-only service model on our Services page.

Q: What is BWM's relationship to Asset Dedication?

A: Asset Dedication is an SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm. Asset Dedication also does business in the States of Mississippi and North Carolina as BWM or Branning Wealth Management for marketing purposes. BWM advisors are Investment Advisor Representatives of Asset Dedication. The Asset Dedication Form ADV will be provided in the Pre-Meeting Questionnaire. 

Q: What is liability-driven investing?

A: Liability-driven investing is a strategy that is based on dedicated portfolio theory, a corollary of modern portfolio theory. The strategy starts with an evaluation of future anticipated expenses. Then, matches asset classes (bonds, large cap, small cap, emerging markets, etc.) according to their historical best use. For example, for known future cash flow needs, a bond ladder is used to cover the expected expenses (often for 7-12 years). Then, the remainder of assets are positioned in a growth stock portfolio that matches the bond ladder. BWM LDI Summary