No Unfinished Business


Pilots follow a routine checklist before take-off or landing. The checklist helps ensure that the vital systems are in working order and to verify that there is no unfinished business that needs attention. 

Every person is the pilot of their own financial affairs. As a gift to our family, we should have our financial affairs in order at all times, no matter our age. We recommend that you use a checklist to ensure you have no unfinished business. You need to be in the cockpit of your life prepared for and having decided the details of your landing. 

Proactively making the decisions about your financial, legal, and healthcare ensures that your wishes are carried out. Clearly laying out these details provides assistance to your spouse or executor. One of the most effective ways that we have found to organize, inventory, and categorize the household financial structure is through a picture that has documents, statements, etc. attached to each item.  

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It’s always time to put your affairs in order. Our team is here to help.

By: Jason K. Branning, CFP®, RICP®. Jason is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner and Retirement Income Certified Professional®. He is the founder of Branning Wealth Management and specializes in retirement planning.

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Pilots follow a routine checklist before take-off or landing. The checklist helps ensure that the vital systems are in working…

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