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Implementing the Growth Portfolio

Watch Asset Dedication’s Professor Stephen Huxley and Brent Burns meet with the American College to discuss the research behind the growth portfolio. 

Implementing the Income Portfolio 

Watch Asset Dedication’s Professor Stephen Huxley and Brent Burns meet with the American College to discuss the research behind the defined income portfolio.

How Bull and Bear Markets Work

Watch Jason Branning give an educational presentation on how Bull and Bear markets work, giving you histroical context as you begin to think about your investing.

Latest News

Branning's Retirement Planning Article Published in the Journal of Financial Planning

Financial planners are driven by the passionate desire to serve clients with evidence-based convictions. Yet, planners often seem locked in a battle with each other over the superior method to deliver retirement income to clients. Often, this leads to staking out a position that one method is universally superior to others. In theory and in practice there are multiple paths to forming a retirement plan for clients. An individual client’s retirement income plan that attempts to account for unbounded conditions cannot be solved by math; a more robust framework is needed. This different logical framework must ask, “What is the question under the question of the best solution for retirement income?” We believe that deeper question is, “What kind of income is preferred and desired during retirement?”

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