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Investment Services

At BWM our investment philosophy is rooted in research that dates back to before The Great Depression. Markets are fickle in short periods (1-3 years), but offer great opportunity for the deliberate, patient long term investor.

We do:

  • Seek to use the capital markets in the manner they have worked best historically
  • Seek to add value by building portfolios that target higher expected returns in a cost-effective manner
  • Use a dynamic, market-driven process with a flexible trading strategy
  • Seek to manage the tradeoffs that matter for performance—balancing competing premiums, diversification, and costs
  • Encourage investors to stick to an investment plan exercising patience in the midst of market turbulence and momentum
  • Rebalance. This strategy forces us to methodically sell high (assets that have performed well) and buy low (assets that are out of favor).

We do not:

  • Time markets by high trading in and out of holdings in a given year
  • Act as speculative traders
  • Predict the future, even with an informed view.

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