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At Branning Wealth Management, our investment philosophy is rooted in research that dates back to before The Great Depression. Markets are fickle in short periods (1-3 years), but offer great opportunity for the deliberate, patient long term investor.

Time Targeted Growth

Growth Time Alignment

At Branning Wealth Management, one of our main phases within Investment Services is working with our clients to achieve a Growth Time Alignment. We work with our clients to best understand their current situation, their needs, and their desired outcomes. Through Time Targeted Growth, we seek to improve a client’s probability of reaching a goal by weighting the asset classes that offer the best historical advantage over the client’s time horizon. Thus, we built growth portfolios that use game theory algorithms that seek to improve a client’s probability of reaching a time-based goal.

Video Thumbnail Asset Dedication Understand The Growth Portfolio Component

Income Portfolios

We create a portfolio customized specifically to meet your unique needs, with the most cost-effective strategy in mind. At Branning Wealth Management, we implement a defined income portfolio in an attempt to match specific investments to a client’s future spending needs. When creating your portfolio, we instrument the following services…

We understand that accounts may have unique cash flow needs and may benefit by holding different fixed-maturity securities. Given this, we engineer the portfolio to match the specific cash flows you desire with the fixed-maturity securities.

We build each client’s portfolio with fixed-maturity securities so that they have the flexibility to change their portfolio as their financial plan evolves. This is in contrast to annuities and other income-producing products that have surrender charges and fees that may restrict your clients.

We believe it is essential to protect the principal for anyone who will rely on their fixed-income investments for spending needs. To deliver predictability, we hold investment-grade fixed maturity securities to maturity, so that you can seek to protect principal investment while generating yield along the way.

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The Critical Path

When creating a Financial Plan and Income Portfolio that best suits your needs, we take into consideration The Critical Path®. 

Guiding Portfolios To Last A Lifetime

The Critical Path® is a decision making framework and reporting system that intuitively reflects the progress that an investor’s portfolio is making towards a specific goal or their projected lifetime spending needs.

chart: Portfoltio Value / Age

Since the Critical Path® acts as the vehicle to display a portfolio in the context of the financial plan, we first need to collect the core financial planning information. Some pieces of information include:

  • Age
  • Goal and the goal’s time horizon
  • Investable assets
  • Net desired cash flows desired
  • Net desired cash flows to purchase today

Using the financial planning data that you provide, we create the your Critical Path®, run a historical audit, and provide the historical probabilities of success for the proposed financial plan and investments. By showing investments in the context of the financial plan, the feasibility of your goals are shown in a historically significant manner.

Once the Critical Path® is constructed, the team begins investing with the goal of delivering a representative portfolio within an Investment Policy Statement. 

After implementing the portfolio, clients receive an annual Critical Path® report that shows where they are relative to their Critical Path® along with recommendations that are intended to improve the financial plan’s probability of success. We work with you to help make the necessary decisions on your Investment Plan, to best help reach you to your ultimate goals.