The According to EBRI, Americans’ Confidence in Retirement Security Declines

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Jason Branning was quoted in a Retirement Daily article from the The Street on April 27, 2023. Branning’s comments were about inflation and bonds.

Quotes about inflation: Jason Branning, a wealth adviser with Branning Wealth said inflation is at the top of everyone’s mind given the explosive increase in prices in a short period. “While surprising and emotion-triggering, we need to beware recency bias,” he said. “After over a decade of below historical inflation, this roughly two-year cycle of inflationary growth has surprised most consumers in terms of the height and breadth. Yet, if we look over a 10-year period, long-term inflation is around 1.88% per year.” 

Branning went on to note that consumers will always feel the waves of changing economic conditions and capital market swings. “The question is, how much of the variance in these inevitable swings actually matter?” he asked. “Consumers who have a financial plan that is monitored can evaluate whether the ever-changing market and economic conditions are any reason for alarm or not. Financial plans include budget and goal expense inflation and planners can test inflation surprises to see what marginal changes can be made to improve the success of the plan. Plans that have been monitored over the last 10 years have benefited from lower-than-assumed inflation.”

Quote about bonds: Branning echoed this point of view: “Positively for long-term investors, bond rates have increased, so consumers who need a 4%-6% long-term return from a 60-40 stock/bond allocation are seeing new bonds contribute closer to historical bond yields at 3.5%-5%,” he noted.

The 33rd EBRI Retirement Confidence Survey report is available online.

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