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Who We Work With

Here at BWM, we don’t believe that there is a one size fits all, because each individual is unique and each individual circumstance is different. We also believe that there are ways to manage the money of professional athletes that are better than others. Our advisor and former NFL Athlete, Kelly Jennings, specializes in providing customized Financial Solutions and Investment Services for professional athletes through our sister firm, PRO Wealth Management

pro wealth managementWe all need to prepare for the long term. Professional athletes are a special group that Kelly understands and works with. Not only is their life expectancy a lot longer than the average retiree, they also receive the bulk of their money very early.

At BWM, we believe clients should have a plan. No professional athlete would go into a game without a game plan and we believe that should be the same in their financial life both during and after the game. Money management is great, but we believe in coming alongside of you and coaching you every step of the way. We seek to implement a plan that extends from draft day until retirement, from retirement to second career, and from second career until final retirement and beyond.

We specialize in:

  •  Investment Management
  •  Financial & Retirement Planning
  •  Lifetime Budgeting
  •  Estate Planning
  •  Insurance Planning